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Business promotional item with custom Logo printing , Soccer Balls are available with your logo.


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Products Offered: Antique Replica Leather Soccer Balls Footballs Football retro ball Old style
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Promotional replica ball

Antique Sporting Memorabilia from soccer-pormotion Here is a soccer fan collector's item, this antique look replica is an old fashioned vintage soccer ball made with genuine leather idael for soccer enthusiasts.

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Promotional soccer balls



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The antique soccer ball is carfted to preserve the shape and look of the vintage soccer balls which were used play in the football fields in the past. The antique ball with genuine leather and laces is made with cow leather in 18 panel. The antique soccer balls is fitted with latex bladder for good flight. We recommend this antique soccer ball not for play but as a decoration ball in your Soccer Promotion Home or work place. This is a unique antique soccer ball which is only available at The antique vintage soccer ball is available in size 5. This antique ball item is in stock and will be shipped the next day after confrmation of your order.

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